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What's happening? (re: midas post)

Something beautiful on the last shard of something broken
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Something Broken : About twenty years ago my parents separated and divorced. The pillow that Midas is sleeping on is the last existing fabrication of their life together, the life that created me, the first life I was to know. That life has since been broken, many lives have since been lived. 

Something Beautiful : Fast forward to the now. Twenty years later I am in a successful relationship of my own with a furred child of our own. Midas is like a keystone to my boyfriend and I’s relationship. He is ours, together. Midas is also a sort of mascot to the wonderful friendship I have with my best friend, whom Midas loves very much. 

What’s happening and what happened! <3

His mouth is always open when he is in play mode. Zima is skeptical of whether this is a good spot to relax anymore.
Something beautiful on the last shard of something broken. Ask &amp; I might explain what I mean.
Crane on the van
Dead crab